Delivering an exceptional online 360 degree feedback service for over 20 years.

The potential of an individual or team can only be fully realised if they are motivated, supported and developed. We inject fresh thinking, energy and passion into our bespoke talent management tools to help companies optimise the performance of their people.

We’ve been tailoring 360 systems for our clients for over 20 years, creating performance management tools that deliver useful insights and actionable results.

We work directly with leadership and development teams and HR departments within a wide range of organisations. We are proud of our client list, but we have no aspirations to dominate the market place. Instead we prefer to focus on doing great work with clients who share our passion for nurturing talent.

We have supported most of our clients with their growth plans over many years. This is testament to the way we operate: valuing our clients’ reputations and our own, we work hard to build lasting relationships and deliver excellent products and services.

Flexible solutions - off-the-shelf or bespoke

Why use Engauge?


We make solutions that are simple and easy to understand


Service is an automatic part of every tool we build and manage

Know how

We take an active part in the whole process, from design to deployment, meaning you don’t have to make any technical decisions.

Tested tech

We use a modular method to build tools, which gives you the benefit of using code that’s already been written, tried and tested in the market.

Cost effective

We always look for the most cost effective way to get the result you need.

What clients say about Engauge

Lynn Cunningham

Human Resources Director at TMG
The real value of the 360 programme is that it gives people high quality insights which help the individual and their manager develop the skills that the organisation needs to build future success.

Judith Elliott

Managing Director – elconsulting Cambridge Ltd
“All users experience a seamless technical service, and are impressed with the technology and quality of the final reports. Any user who has experienced the 360 process in another life always praises the sophistication and professionalism of the tool and service.

Jane Thompson

Hayfield Group
I see Engauge as partners I can trust. They have a vivid sense of the output of their work so they can see right down the food chain to the end, end, end user. They bring that awareness right back into every conversation and apply it to the design, positioning and crafting of qualitative questions. I cannot imagine a partnership that would be more effective and more confidence building for people who are new to using this type of instrument.

Nick Bird

Group Talent Manager – Kier Group Ltd
Engauge’s process and reports are comparatively more robust in terms of the quality of reporting. I like the way they can amend and adapt to meet our needs. It’s not enforced on us – it’s a partnership.

Stephen Fortune

Leadership Development Manager, Pfizer Ltd,Worldwide Pharmaceutical Operations
Engauge developed a complete 360feedback review systemfor us, tailored precisely to our needs. Itdelivered a fantastic end resultand they provided us with an outstanding level of support throughout the entire process. I really like the fact that you’re straight through to people that can help you immediately, and nothing is too much trouble for thembut what really sets Engauge apart is the way they share our team’s sense of urgency and focus. Engauge has helped us build on our ideas, given us excellent service at every level and enabled us to put together an impressive development programme for our people.

Andrew Lees

Keay Consulting
Tremendous ability to deal with all manner of issues that are raised by my clients. A truly first class service, and one that I aspire to.

How we work

You can expect to work with an experienced member of the team. This is an important part of our commitment to clients as the projects we deliver are often extremely complex. You’ll find we are creative but disciplined in our approach, whether we are setting up questionnaires or helping you define the structure of reports for your talent management assessments. And we offer value for money.

We provide a comprehensive set of documents as a matter of course for all of our 360 degree feedback products and our library of off the shelf competency questions, briefing presentations and guideline documents is also at the disposal of our clients free of charge. Of course, our digital performance tools would be a shadow of themselves without our technical team, which boasts a wealth of experience in optimising our technology. We are good communicators too, so you can rely on us to use plain English and deliver a high level of end-user support with the human touch –no automated answering services.

What we offer clients

  • High level user support
  • Bespoke tools
  • No annual license fees –simply pay for what you use
  • Great customer focus and delivery standards
  • Free off-the-shelf questionnaires
  • Experienced technical team
  • Confidentiality

Case studies

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