The Project

Responding to major changes in the media sector, the Telegraph Media Group (TMG) needed to identify skills gaps and develop talent in response to the changing demands of the digital era. They saw 360 degree feedback as critical to this process.

Consultants to the TMG, Hayfield Group, selected Engauge to assist with developing a competency framework and managing a 360-degree process, which covered all areas of the organisation.

Why Engauge was selected

Hayfield selected Engauge because they had experience of the company’s multi-level competency framework and felt Engauge would be well equipped to adapt the 360 feedback solution to suit TMG’s needs.

Engauge managed the complex roll out of the review to dovetail with a series of workshops led by Hayfield designed to ensure everyone got their ideal mix of feedback and development.

In Hayfield’s words:

“Engauge’s ongoing input into the 360-degree programme, and its personalised approach, were essential factors in ensuring that people at Telegraph Media Group got the right professional development.”

The Outcome

The 360-degree programme Engauge created delivered a clear perspective on the changes required for success. TMG and Hayfield were thrilled with the results.

Lynn Cunningham, Human Resources Director, TMG commented:

The real value of the 360 programme is that it gives people high quality insights which help the individual and their manager develop the skills that the organisation needs to build future success.

An exciting element of the project was that the appraisal linked directly into an innovative training programme created by TMG, which was a direct response to the changing sector needs.

Engauge has been outstanding in contributing to the design, set up and smooth running of the Telegraph Media Group’s automated 360 degree feedback process.

All members of the team are professional, responsive, creative, responsible, proactive and insightful. They make the enormous task of implementing 360 in an organisation, easy and clear, and they take the hard work out of it.

Louise Mason, Learning and development manager, TMG