The Project

Sporting Equals works to promote racial equality in sports throughout England. It was the first charity to benefit from Engauge’s offer to deliver free 360 degree feedback for charities.

The charity wished to conduct a development programme for a group of senior executives to help them focus on preparing for London 2012.

Why Engauge was selected

The company has always had a strong drive to give something back to the community through its work. Wherever possible, supporting charities that aim to develop people and to enhance their lives. To this end, Engauge provided Sporting Equals with the 360 reviews for their programme for free.

Our team was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Sporting Equals, and delighted that Engauge’s online tools and support helped them build on their impressive results.

The Outcome

Engauge helped Sporting Equals make fast, positive improvements in staff performance using online assessment tools that the charity found highly valuable for their organization, both at individual and team levels. This was an especially fulfilling process, because the clubs that the charity benefits across England help the whole nation. This was especially important in the lead up to the London Olympics in 2012.

In the words of Lorraine Deschamp, Director, Sporting Equals:

We’re all sports enthusiasts at heart, and we know that training is essential to success – that’s why Sporting Equals was delighted to respond to Engauge’s invitation to participate in 360 feedback. Engauge has helped us to target specifics and focus on these areas for maximum value and impact.

The Engauge Charity Initiative, which began in 2007, has now become a permanent part of the company’s work.